To Pregnancy & Beyond

Fitness for MOMS that MATTER.

YOU want to build a home for your baby that’s healthy & safe.

A home filled with energy, love, and peace.

A blissful belly for your little one. (It’s their FIRST HOME, after all!)


STRESSED about finding pregnancy workouts that are safe and effective.

ANXIOUS about giving birth and the possible trauma your body will experience.

NERVOUS about postpartum and surviving life with a newborn.

And most of all? LOST. How do you take care of YOU when everything will revolve around this new little being in your life? Also, how will you accept and love your changed body?


Deep breath, mama. Yes, motherhood is a challenging time, but it’s also a beautiful time, and guess what? YOU have a say in how it goes and how you care for the home that not only exists for your baby but also FOR YOU. That’s right, YOU MATTER in all of this.


AND…YOU get to have a fitness & nutrition plan that eases ALL of your worries.



Sound too good to be true? Maybe that’s because lately, you feel like…


  • You can’t seem to keep anything down other than fries, chips, and donuts, so you go into shame spirals trying to fill your fuel tanks with anything healthy.  


  • You feel EXHAUSTED, achy, and in pain almost ALL of the time, and you’re longing for a safe workout plan that’ll give you that super-mom energy you crave.


  • Mood swings have become those annoying friends that visit without an invite, and blowing up at your partner is your new normal. (Ugh!)


  • Carrying an extra pair of undies everywhere you go makes you feel like YOU’RE the toddler in the family. You’re sick of dealing with postnatal urinary incontinence!


  • Your body feels like a stranger you just met in the grocery store, and you feel so disconnected from the woman you once were. Is there a pill for confidence and body-love?

The truth?


In your wildest dreams, you’d have someone who is there FOR YOU, to show you LOVE & SUPPORT, so you can go out and do the same for your new little one.

Yes, balancing all of the demands of motherhood can feel like walking a tightrope with a stack of diapers on your head. HARD. But that wild dream you have?



THIS is where you start, MY FRIEND.

You’ll finally feel like your old self again when you...


  • Make peace with carbs and other cravings, because you’ll stop bingeing and restricting, and start fueling up on the foods that make you happy & healthy!


  • Live in a body filled with strength, free of aches and pains, because you have a safe workout routine that energizes you, builds mom muscles, and makes you feel wholly empowered!


  • Feel a sense of calm groundedness that you bring to your family, pregnancy, and delivery because you’ve built healthy habits for regulating your emotions.


  • Strengthen your core and pelvic floor, your belly to your bladder, with the right workouts, so you can laugh, sneeze, exercise, and EVERYTHING else without peeing. (Hallelujah!)


  • Fall in love with and reconnect with your beautiful body, so you can be wholly present for YOU and your BABY.
  • You want effective, safe, time efficient, and challenging workouts
  • You want a comfortable pregnancy and to prepare for labor and birth
  • You want to belong to a community of supportive pregnant women and moms
  • You're pregnant, a mom, or trying to become pregnant

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? The wonderful news is that with the help of my program THIS can be your pregnancy and postpartum experience.

Introducing {TO PREGNANCY & BEYOND!}

An online fitness coaching program that gives you the SUPPORT for mom life before, during, and after pregnancy. A program that puts YOU at the center so you can experience a POWERFUL and CALM pregnancy & beyond!

Hi powerful mama, I’m Jessie, your fitness guide and Top Mom at To Pregnancy & Beyond!

I have a closetful of degrees that make me an expert in prenatal and postnatal exercise, and I’ve helped thousandss of moms receive the fitness TLC they deserve.

But I didn’t always approach health & fitness this way. When I first started working with moms 10 years ago at a pre/postnatal gym, I fell into the same problematic philosophies that so many health coaches still do to this day.

I focused on helping moms “fix” their bodies, get back to their “pre-pregnancy bods,” instead of empowering women in the body they inhabited post-pregnancy.



So what’s my philosophy now? Fitness coaching is the foundation for your self-care. With me as your support, exercise doesn’t have to equal torture and nutrition doesn’t have to be about restriction.

Your body is just as perfect now as it was before, but might need a little extra love and support.

I'm focused on effective exercise during pregnancy, rehab of the core and pelvic floor for moms, postpartum and C-section recovery, teaching women how to eat and exercise effortlessly, and having women feel incredible in their bodies.

Here, exercise and good nutrition equal a full tank of energy, a confident mom, and workouts that leave you feeling powerful and strong.

A power and strength that translates to the rest of your life, so you can show up in this world as your MOST AUTHENTIC YOU.

This group is EXACTLY what I needed. I feel like I am back home. Thank you!


My passion? Becoming your go-to support system for nutrition and fitness that strengthens and heals you while building a confidence that gives you the energy to love yourself and your little ones.


I want you to feel supported, confident and encouraged in your self-care. I want you to be the best mom you can possibly be by taking care of you, first.  

I've been feeling strong and solid in my workouts and noticing I've, slowly but steadily, been adding heavier weights!


You CAN put your health first and feel completely EMPOWERED in your body, and it all starts with TO PREGNANCY & BEYOND!

When you SIGN UP for TO PREGNANCY & BEYOND, you’ll receive:


  • PERSONALIZED ONGOING WEEKLY WORKOUT PLANS adjusted every 4 weeks to match the pre/postnatal stage you’re in! So you’re always comforted to know you’re practicing the safest workouts for your body.  ($2,000 VALUE!)


  • VIDEO DEMOS OF EVERY EXERCISE IN THE PROGRAM, so you have access to correct form and more! ($1,000 VALUE)


  • WORKOUT CALENDAR, so you can track your workouts in each phase of mamahood, adjust training and celebrate milestones! ($250 VALUE)


  • NUTRITION COACHING PDF DOWNLOADS! You’ll receive nutrition coaching, themes, and guidelines that will make food an enjoyable experience that supports your health! ($500 VALUE)


  • IMPORTANT PREGNANCY INFO SHEETS! I’ll give you need-to-know info specific to your pregnancy phase, info about core and pelvic floor recovery, as well as the best workout tips for busy moms and more! ($500 VALUE)


  • TO PREGNANCY & BEYOND SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP ACCESS! A home for moms like us to share in our wonderful, messy mom lives together. Ask questions, share stories, and have the support you need from moms who GET YOU. ($500 VALUE!)


  • PRIVATE COACHING FROM JESSIE IN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP! Weekly coaching of specific exercise techniques, mindset coaching discussion, and food-related coaching discussion. Share your progress, your worries, triumphs, and more! ($500 VALUE)


  • MONTHLY LIVE COACHING CALL! Where we’ll get together and talk about REAL motherhood together. A support call to help you along. ($250 VALUE)


  • BONUSES!!!


  • TWO NEW FULL-BODY STRENGTH TRAINING WORKOUTS EACH MONTH (30 minutes) Who says you can’t build muscle while pregnant? You can! ($250 VALUE)


  • ONE NEW INTERVAL TRAINING WORKOUT EACH MONTH (15-20 mins), so you can mix up your workouts and challenge your fitness level! ($250 VALUE!)


A $6000 VALUE FOR JUST $350!

OR a monthly membership of $79 per month.




Note: prices are listed in USD. There is a 30-Day money back guarantee.


  • Aspiring Moms (trying to conceive)
  • Pregnant Moms (with a bub on the way)
  • Seasoned Moms (with children at any stage)


For first-time or pregnant-again moms who want to do the smartest, safest, or the most effective exercise program for pregnancy. A program that will make you feel strong, comfortable, and pain-free while carrying your little one. You’ll also train for labor and set yourself up for a great postpartum recovery. We’ll get you back to good health & exercise faster!


TP&B supports singleton + multiple pregnancies, IVF mums, experienced lifters, and never-exercised-before mamas!


For new moms, aspiring moms, and seasoned moms who want to get the most out of their workouts with the least time investment (because we’re busy ladies!). Feel and see the results from a fitness plan that gives you the most effective strategies for postpartum core and pelvic floor recovery. (No more lugging around extra pairs of panties!)


You’ll regain your confidence, fitness, and strength!

Here it is, plain and simple: I’m the mom for moms and I’m HERE FOR YOU, and JUST YOU. I am incredibly passionate about nurturing and supporting you on your journey and EMPOWERING YOU with nutrition and fitness that makes you STRONG & HAPPY.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to reconnect with your body and feel confident, strong, and empowered again? {SIGN UP FOR TO PREGNANCY & BEYOND} and start feeling like your old self again!

After I Sign Up…What’s Next?

  • You’ll be directed to a consultation form where we’ll grab some info from you: pregnancy phase, how long postpartum, and an email address so you receive your exclusive invite to our private Facebook group, etc.
  • You’ll receive your login details to view your first 4 weeks of workouts and your invitation into the private Facebook group within 24 hours.
  • You’ll join moms like you in our Facebook group who are dumping “perfect motherhood” and supporting each other in loving and empowering the bodies they’re in. It’s truly my fave place on the internet!
  • You’ll get immediate access to the membership portal and the monthly content: check out your workouts, look at the month's nutrition guidelines/recipes, and read/watch the additional prenatal/postnatal education pieces.

I want to help you feel like YOUR OLD SELF AGAIN. Mom life does not have to keep you from your joy and I’m here to help you HEAL AND THRIVE. Because you are a mom that matters and your nutrition and fitness is my number one priority.

I want to give you the confidence and energy you need to LOVE YOU as much as your adorable LITTLE ONES.  

{Sign up} for my program and see what it feels like to be fully CARED FOR.


With mom-level love,


6-Month Plan: Enroll Here!

For fitness, strength, and support through pregnancy and beyond.

Save $125 over 6 months.

Monthly Membership: Enroll Here!

For fitness, strength, and support through pregnancy and beyond.

Month-to-month option.

You probably have a lot of questions. Here are all the answers.


  • Q.What happens if I become pregnant while I'm in the Postnatal Stream?

    A.Once you let Jessie know, you’ll simply be switched into the Prenatal Stream, so you can continue your workouts safely and effectively.

  • Q.What exercise equipment will I need access to for the workouts?

    A.The basics: dumbbells, resistance bands, a sturdy step/bench, and a stability ball. Bonus: a weight bench that can be adjusted on an incline and a TRX/suspension trainer. The works: if you workout at a gym, you’ll have more equipment than you need!

  • Q.Will I transition straight to the Postnatal Stream from the Prenatal Stream after I have my baby?

    A.You got it! Do let Jessie know once you’ve had your baby, so she can give you more advice for your transition into the Postnatal Stream to get a head start on your recovery, rehab, and core + pelvic floor strengthening exercises.

  • Q.I'm 32 weeks pregnant. Should I start now or wait until after baby's born?

    A.Definitely get on board now! There is a ton of must-have education through the last couple months of the Prenatal Stream to help you prep for labor, birth, and postpartum return to exercise.

  • Q.I'm a month postpartum. When can I start in the Postnatal Stream?

    A.You can begin anytime. When you first enter in to the Postnatal Stream, you’ll see a section of information that is for very new mama’s. All the information you’ll need for postpartum recovery and rehab will be here.

  • Q.I'm new to exercise and strength training. Will I be able to do the workouts?

    A.Of course! The beauty of strength training workouts is you can work at your own pace and challenge yourself appropriately. There will be guidelines to help you know how hard you should be working.


Because you’re a mom that matters.

For just $350!



Hurry! Limited spots available!

Proud moment: 41-weeks pregnant today, I just finished a workout because (dare I say it) in this stage of feeling run down most of the time, my workouts make me feel normal. I'm feeling very excited to have this be true!


See you in the club, mama!

Let’s start taking care of YOU.


For any questions, please email Jessie directly at